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BS1139 scaffold tubes with British standard.

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BS1139 scaffold tubes with British standard.
Issue Time:2019-03-07
The scaffolding steel tube, with a nickname of scaffolding tube, a terminology in the construction industry and building industry, is widely used in construction projects for different purposes. It can be applied in the high level building construction to do the painting and decoration or reach some place at height. a whole set of tubular scaffolding system is made up of steel tubes and couplers and the steel tubes is the most important part of the system.

What’s more, the scaffolding tubes can provide safety assurance for the passengers and workers by setting safety net protection.
BS1139 scaffolding tubes price is quite comparative when compared with other steel tube kinds as it belongs to a standard tube type.

There are two kinds of scaffolding tubes according to the manufacturing process, one is the cold galvanized steel tubes and the other one is the hot galvanized steel tubes, which have their own advantages and availability during the application process.