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What are the all types of scaffold?

What are the all types of scaffold?
Issue Time:2019-03-06
All the new types of scaffold used on the buildings at height include the coupler scaffold, the frame steel scaffold, the cuplock scaffold,the ringlock scaffold and the aluminum scaffold. Any of them has its own features and special functions in the construction work. 

And many of the buyers choose theused scaffolding tube as the used one almost has the same function and quality as a new scaffold.

Whether used or not, there are certain technical requirements on all kinds of scaffolds. All the materials and processing quality shall comply with relevant regulations and standards and no unqualified materials shall be used for the sake of safety consideration. For common scaffold, its erection process shall be carried out according to the safety regulation of erecting the scaffold; for scaffold more than 15 high, it shall be provided with designs, calculations, detailed drawings and erection plans. All of these shall be verified and  approved by qualified staff and shall be well communicated before the start of the real erection.

Regarding special suspensions, cantilevers, hangings and spigot which belong to dangerous sets, they shall be erected right after a well communication of safety measures and techniques.