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What are the advantages of mobile scaffolds?

What are the advantages of mobile scaffolds?
Issue Time:2019-03-05
There is a wide application of mobile scaffolds in the construction projects as they are reliable in quality when they are used on site to transport vertically and transversely. The mobile scaffolds with aluminum scaffold tube are featured as easy to erect and dismantle with large load bearing capacity.

They are the one which has the longest development history among the scaffolding system and most widely adopted as they are light weighted with no more than 20kg per set and are facile in erection and dismantlement which can be done only with hands. Their assembly time needed is two times faster than that of the scaffolds with tubes and 2/3 times than that of wood scaffold.

Major applications:
1. Used as main formwork bracing slabs in the buildings, halls, bridges and viaducts.
2. Combination use with simple house frames to build temporary houses and warehouses and temporary sheds.
3. Used to build temporary auditory stages and grandstands.