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Change from consumption power into producing power.

Change from consumption power into producing power.
Issue Time:2019-03-04
China’s consumption of scaffold products has topped the world, but there still lies a long way for China to go to become a great power in researching and producing scaffolding products.

There are always wishes over the peer industry to have much safer, more efficiency and more qualified scaffolds to set a secured foundation for the construction project.

It is well known that since the 1900s, Chinese scaffolding industry has spanning into a high speed development era with the total output volume increased from 460,000 tons in 2000 to 11,789,000 tons. However behind this curtain lies a great potential risk.

There is also a great increase of accidents in construction projects, most of which are caused by unqualified scaffolding system such as the frame scaffold and formwork systems. Casualty and injuries are being caused everyday all the time.

The major causes are failure to meet erecting scaffolding standards, lack safety consciousness for the workers and unqualified scaffold. products used in the construction project.