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TIANDI mushroom coupler perfectly fixes your attention.

TIANDI mushroom coupler perfectly fixes your attention.
Issue Time:2019-03-01
There will always be a time for a new product to be familiarized and accepted in most of the market after they enter into the selling. The present development of steel scaffolding planks is hindered by the traditional theory of cost comes the first as people lack an overall understanding of how important the steel scaffolding planks are in saving their construction cost. Still, there is space to improve the quality and design of scaffolding planks.

In China, when scaffolding planks are under designing and researching process, it is advisable to imitate the working conditions on construction sites to modify and upgrade the planks property to make it more suitable in real constructions. The major testing points can be the conjunction of scaffolding tubes and scaffolding planks.

In TIANDI, we are make the best endeavor trying to optimize the match of ordinary couplers which can not be perfectly match with each other traditionally. And finally we have invented a new coupler kind of mushroom shape, which have saved a lot of human force as workers used to adopt steel lines to fix and fasten, wasting a lot of time and energy without enough safety assurance.