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Installation process of scaffold ladder.

Installation process of scaffold ladder.
Issue Time:2019-02-27
Equipment shall be set up at the top of bearing stage base, and the set up sequence shall be as follows: standard frame standing tube, transverse brace and diagonal brace, scaffold step ladder, set fixed planks for climbing, handrails, ledger brace, top platform and complete with hanging out the safety net. Connection joints of standing tubes shall be set with safety locking pins as well as connecting tubes.

Transverse tubes and slant bracing tubes shall be set in an intercrossing way and locked by safety pins. Step ladder shall be installed integrated at one time and planks on it shall be fastened to ladder with bolts. In addition, for swivel platform kind, double wood deck shall be installed and firmly fixed.

Around the scaffold ladder shall hang with dense mesh safety net (with a capacity against impact force over50KN/M2. The safety net shall be sturdily fastened without any miss to avoid any accidents caused by falling objects. Scaffolding ladders shall be tied to the external pier wall and set with a shoring brace every 10 meters.