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Improve safety by safe use of stepladder

Improve safety by safe use of stepladder
Issue Time:2019-02-26
Before being put into operation for the safe use of stepladder, the stepladder shall be technically clarified for the sake of assuring workers’ lives safety and health.

First of all, carry out a double check to determine whether or not it is stable and sturdy before beginning the construction. Four ladder feet encased by anti-rubber plates or tied with safety chains shall be evenly and stably put on the ground. If scaffolding boards are set on the stepladders, their erecting length shall be no less than 20cm and there should be only one person working on board at any one time.

Then, when moving the step ladders, staff who is working on ladders shall get down the board first; and it is not allowed to move the ladder in a way of moving stilts with workers on. For the hinge axles on top of the step ladder, there shall not set any scaffolding boards on and it is not allowed to bear any standing weight.

Lastly, the stepladder shall be regularly checked for if there is any crack, corrosion or loose of wedge on it. If yes, it can not be put into use.