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Description of new acrow props

Description of new acrow props
Issue Time:2019-02-26
New kind of acrow prop for sale has been credited with more than national patents, an innovate products promoted by housing and building bureau which replaces for wood formwork in construction products.

This new type of acrow prop system takes high property cold pressed steel as its main material, consisting of two principal parts of formwork shoring system and module shoring system, which are connected by hollow screw jacks.

Replacing wood with steel acrow prop system in scaffolding system can help to save time along with cost in the construction projects, taking the formwork of 30 square meters for example; it can be done in 3-5 minutes, human resources saved.

What’s more, working efficiency with new acrow prop system will be improved and accelerated extensively, thus leading time for building will be contracted to 1/3 that of the traditional method. From the perspective of working force cost, in terms of traditional structure, it costs over 15 Yen per meter while it costs only 2 Yen per meter in terms of the numerical or digital acrow props.