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Requirements on ground base in the frame scaffolding system.

Requirements on ground base in the frame scaffolding system.
Issue Time:2019-02-22
Among frame scaffold for sale system, all of them are belonging to the kinds which are attached to the wall with grips, connected to the embedded elements in the walls of the building.

The use of additional components (console, farms, etc.) can change the workspace of forests and to give their designs to the desired configuration. The workspace of scaffolding can be changed and the necessary form of the construction can be made with the help of additional components (brackets, girders, etc.).

In order to protect employees from scaffold-related hazards such as falls, falling objects, structural instability, electrocution and overloading, the ground base of the frame scaffolding shall be assured to satisfy relevant requirements.

It shall be a leveled and solid ground foundation before erecting the scaffolding, and the ground shall be refilled and stamped by level.

The drainage system in the frame scaffolding ground base shall be of good conditions and there shall be no water-accumulation on the site.

The ground elevation for erecting the frame scaffold is recommended to be 50mm-100mm higher than the natural ground elevation.

For the erection of frame scaffolding or formworks bracing on the façade of building surface, backing plates shall be put under the bottom of standing tubes.