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Erecting and dismantling ringlock scaffold for sale

Erecting and dismantling ringlock scaffold for sale
Issue Time:2019-02-19
We have many choices when we search for the ringlock scaffold for sale. Here we provided our special suggestions on how to erect and dismantle the ring lock scaffold.

First of all, the erection of fasteners and diagonal tubes shall be synchronized with that of ringlock scaffoldings. When the fasteners and diagonal tubes are coupler steel tubes or pipes, they shall comply with the regulations in safety technical codes of the building construction coupler steel tubes JGJ130.

Secondly, when the erection height of scaffolding reaches the top, the external guarding handrails shall be higher than the top working platform for more than 1500mm.

Then, for the erection and building of external cantilever scaffolding, the extension part of the spigot shall be connected with the standing tubes by using bolts.

What’s more, the scaffolding system can be erected and used by section and shall be inspected and accepted by special staff. The ringlock scaffoldings can only be put into applications once they are in accordance with the working plan.

Lastly, for the dismantlement of the ringlock scaffoldings, it shall be conducted and operated only after the responsible person of the construction entity has confirmed and signed the dismantlement permission.