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Quality problems of ringlock system scaffold

Quality problems of ringlock system scaffold
Issue Time:2019-02-18
Wall formwork in ringlock system scaffold

a) Uneven thickness of wall body and its concave convex surface: the formwork shall be designed with enough strength and rigidity and the size of, space between keels, space between wall-piercing bolts and the propping braces of the wall body shall be implemented with rigor standards.

b) Rotten root of the wall body and concrete overflowing the joints seams in formworks: clog the root of the wall body with stuff and fasten the joints between formworks.

c) Over thickness of the wall body: when laying out the lines around wall body, some mistakes may occur without being noticed. It can also be caused by mis-adjustment when setting the position of formworks; not all the wall-piercing bolts have been fastened and fixed firmly.

d) The upper opening of the wall body is over a standard size: the upper opening clip when setting formworks hasn’t been fastened and fixed firmly as required.

e) Surface of concrete wall body is too sticky: which can be caused by bad clearance of the formwork, uneven rubbing and brushing of isolation agent or caused by an earlier dismantlement of the formwork.