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Analysis on load bearing of steel scaffold clamp

Analysis on load bearing of steel scaffold clamp
Issue Time:2019-02-14
Steel scaffold clamp is made up of load bearing tubes to form a single spanning frame structure featured of single construction and clear cut stress bearing. Among them big and small flat tubes and standing tubes make the load bearing frame; ledger bracings and connecting joints are for the purpose of ensuring rigidity and stability of the whole structure, enhancing resisting the transverse and longitudinal forces while connecting joints are for the purpose of bearing and delivering all the wind loads.

The delivering route of load bearing for external frames: all the longitudinal working load on scaffolding pieces acts on transverse tubes and then will be delivered to standing tubes through clamps and finally passed onto scaffolding basement. At the same time, transverse wind load is passed onto building body by way of connecting joints structure.

Small flat tubes: main tubes in the external transverse frame, are major bearing tubes in the scaffolding system of directly longitudinal load, which are able to deliver the load to act as the major parts for the function of bearing and delivering stress.

When calculating design of the external frame, the small flat tubes shall be designed same as prop beams structures. Hence, in the real administration and maintenance, flexivity shall be taken into consideration if small tubes are under pressure.