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Scaffold tubing offered by TIANDI

Scaffold tubing offered by TIANDI
Issue Time:2019-01-31
Scaffold tubing is another name for the coupler steel scaffolding, which is easy to build and dismantle and flexible to erect, also characterized as high strength, strong rigidity and numerous turn-over ratio. The scaffold tubing is most widely used in the construction project because of its easy level in the processing requirement, low-cost investment at one time, and of economical property.

It can be built for the well frame, platform bearing the working material and viaduct bridge in addition to the use of building the scaffolding system. However, every coin has two sides. Most of the its couplers (including the bolts rod and nuts) are apt to brittle and loss, the fastening levels of the bolts differ greatly from each other and joints within the force function line have some defects of deviation in the interchanging distance.
Some elements of the scaffolding tubing:

The scaffolding board: a board which providing possibility for working, bearing the load and delivering it to the transverse and longitudinal tubes. When installed at the non-operational layer, it functions as the safety protection and can be made of bamboo, wood and steel, etc. and other material.