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Build the foundation for the scaffold board

Build the foundation for the scaffold board
Issue Time:2019-01-31
The scaffold board is a working platform for the worker to finish the job at height. The more stable the board is, the more secured for the work to carry out his tasks.
Below is our professional advice on how to erect a solid found scaffold plank.
When the construction height of the formwork frame is over 8m, the horizontal slant tube shall be fully installed and the lift height between the longitudinal tubes shall be less than 1.5m. The transverse slant tubes shall be erected every 4-6 lift height and the coupler steel ledger shall solidly connect with the surrounding structure if there is any object which functions as a structural support.
For the independent high formwork frame in the shape of bars, the ratio of the total height and width of the formwork frame shall be less than 3.
The lift height of the transverse tube on the top of the high formwork frame shall be shorter for a coupler’s space than the standard lift height.