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Provide TIANDI’s scaffold aluminum planks

Provide TIANDI’s scaffold aluminum planks
Issue Time:2019-01-29
TIANDI, a leading Chinese manufacturer in the construction products for more than a decade, provides a variety of scaffolding aluminum planks with different opening designs, available in diamond, rectangular, slotted or round shape with solid surfaces. Most of the aluminum scaffolds provided are lightweight and provide significantly higher slip resistance ratio.

Below is our professional advice on preparation for the installation and dismantlement of the aluminum plank:

A special construction design or plan shall be formulated and re-checked before the real start of the construction make sure the reliability and safety of the techniques.

The technicians of the scaffolding engineering project shall carry out a technical exchange with the users of the planks on the requirements of the installation.

The elements and accessories of the aluminum planks shall be double checked for their quality identification and shall be staged on the exclusive shelves according to their different classifications and specifications.

The total amounts of the elements and accessories shall be prudently counted when the storage work has been done. The staging area shall be equipped with drainage access to avoid any water accumulation.

The installation site of the planks shall be flat and even, solid and easy to expel the water.