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Information you need know about the features of the coupler scaffolds

Information you need know about the features of the coupler scaffolds
Issue Time:2019-01-29
The coupler scaffolds, also known as the pipe racks, are composed of the steel tubes, the couplers, the basements, the scaffolding boards and the safety webs, all of which are indispensible in the realizing the optimized performance of the coupler scaffoldings.

For the steel tubes: the regular specification of the steel tubes is φ48.3×3.6mm. According to the roles the scaffolding plays and its position when used in the project, the steel tubes can be categorized into the vertical rods, the longitudinal horizontal rods, the transverse horizontal rods, the connect anchors in wall, the shear props, and the level diagonal ties.

When scaffold is being built, the outer frame of it shall be 1.8m higher than the building and the space between the vertical rods shall be less than 2.0m and less than 1.5m of the transverse distance between the vertical rods. What’s more, the space between the connect anchors in wall shall be less than 3 steps wide.     

For the couplers: it is the couplers which play the connecting role between the two steel tubes, and the kinds of the couplers include the rectangular couplers, the swivel couplers, the abutting couplers and the anti-slip couplers which are specially customized for the sake of anti slip design. The key point of maintaining the stability of the scaffolding resides in the functions of the couplers to safeguard the joints from deformation.