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What are the features of the ringlock scaffolds system?

What are the features of the ringlock scaffolds system?
Issue Time:2019-01-28
What are the features of the ringlock scaffolds system which has enjoyed a wide application at the construction site? The unique features of the ringlock system such as quick erecting and dismantling, saving of human resources, simple structure, great stability, common usage with an international standard and high loading capacity and safety ratio have made it win a lot fondness on the construction engineering site.

Below follows the instructions on the features of the ringlock scaffolding:

Versatility in its applications: It can be customized according to the real construction requirements to be forged into various lengths and shapes with various loading capacity; it can be forged into the shape of single-dual line scaffolds, prop scaffolds and beam scaffolds, ect;

Efficiency in the real construction: it has an exclusive structure enable it to be quickly erected and dismantled, avoiding the accidents of losing the nuts and bolts during the work and the speed of assembling and dismantling the joints is 5 times faster than the regular types;

Great loading capacity: the connection of the vertical rods are in the way of axle joints which locates within the plan of the frame with the property of anti-bending, anti-shearing and fighting against being twisted, a stable and high working loading ability.