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You can find more on TIANDI scaffold direct

You can find more on TIANDI scaffold direct
Issue Time:2019-01-28
With decades working experience, TIANDI has accommodated the special needs of the construction industries to be unmatched in the commitment to leading the industry quality and the working safety.

Below is the scaffold direct we are providing with our professional knowledge on its types of the scaffolding system which are commonly used in nowadays construction projects.

The widely used types of scaffolding in the peer industry include: the coupler scaffolding, the cuplock scaffolding, the buckle dis scaffolding, scaffolds with socket and spigot joints and the frame scaffolding.

In terms of the material used and the inter structure of the scaffolding, the system can be divided into:
• Strength delivering by the friction of the interface: using the friction produced strength by compacting the interface of the joints to prop       the horizontal rod and then pass the strength to the vertical rod, which can be demonstrated by the function of the couplers.
• Strength delivering by the welding process: most of the horizontal and vertical rods deliver the strength in such effective ways,so as the    frame scaffolds.
• Strength delivering by direct load bearing, which will be used when the horizontal rod is topped the vertical rod.

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