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Features and instructions on the construction scaffolding boards

Features and instructions on the construction scaffolding boards
Issue Time:2019-01-25
The features of the scaffolding boards include cost-effective, high safety ratio and long operation life, which can help to speed up the construction process and make it available to realize the 5S management on site.

With the promotion and acceleration of the technology and production capacity, the steel structure in China also has entered a period which is labeled as developing at a rocketing speed. The wooden scaffolding board has been replaced by the steel scaffolding boards to satisfy all the specific requirements from the market. TIANDI  has developed another kind of product named the hot dipped galvanized plank which plays an important role in pushing forward the construction project to a brand new high level.

TIANDI has introduced a complete set of automatic assembly line to manufacture the scaffolding boards, which can, on the one hand, ensure the even and smooth surface at the welding joints; on the other hand, it has a high speed output of the production of about 1000-1200 pieces in a working shift.

This new type of scaffolding boards has a pierced design on the board to leak the sand and accumulated water on the board, which help to raise the anti-corrosive ratio and operation life, enjoying a refined reputation in the industries of ship-manufacturing, oil tunneling, electricity and building construction.