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Attentions you should pay to installing the scaffolding couplers

Attentions you should pay to installing the scaffolding couplers
Issue Time:2019-01-24
The scaffolding couplers are the fittings for fixing and stabilizing the steel tracks on the flex track, keeping the steel track from moving to the flex tracks neither vertically nor horizontally. As each procedure means a double check of the safety and security, below follow the tips we shall keep in mind when we are installing the scaffolding couplers.

1. Prior to the real start of the steel formwork construction of the scaffolding couplers, the contractor or the designer shall provide relevant scrutinized information construction design; Any fleck in the design is able to give to rise to some unexpected accidents may be rise in the construction.

2. The requirements on the scaffolds’ aesthetics and quality. Regular inspections shall be carried out about the couplers’ appearance and quality; the couplers with any chasm, deformation or sliding affected bolt are forbidden to use to avoid any potential accidents and malfunctions.

The safe work load of the scaffolding couplers. The real working load in its operation shall conform to the designed maximum load capacity. And the scaffold shall not be connected with the formwork props directly unless there is any treatment to ensure the work load is within the reasonable range.