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The inspection tips of the construction scaffolding

The inspection tips of the construction scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-01-24
The construction scaffolding is one of the scaffolding types which is built upwards synchronized with the whole structure building steps. Before being put into usage, all the construction scaffolds have to be testified and inspected for its safety ratio and quality.

With the fulfillment of building the whole frame body on the surface of the building, relevant adjustment and check shall be carried forward by some departments and frame-climbing entities to write down all the detailed information including:
1. The whole-scale check of the screw joints;
2. The check of the prevention and protection function of the frame body;
3. Other items shall be inspected and adjusted;

All the procedures mentioned above shall go earlier than the real application of the construction scaffolding. During the application period of the construction scaffolding, the braces and elements list follows should not be dismantled or removed at will.
1. The vertical and horizontal braces at the main joints;
2. The Siamese walls;
3. The props;
4. The fencing braces and the stepping boards;
5. The safety protection equipments.