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The functions of the scaffold and the fundamental requirements in its application

The functions of the scaffold and the fundamental requirements in its application
Issue Time:2019-01-18
The scaffolding has become one of the indespensible instruments in all the construction projects especially for the working at heights such as the wall-building and liming, its decoration with painting, and the work of pouring concrete, whose completion shall be with the assistance of the scaffolding work.
What’s more, the scaffolds can also do you great help in that besides the allowed normal operation on it, you can aslo temporarily put some construction materials and do some horizontal transportation in a short way with it. What a great support it can deliver to your constrcution project.
The scaffold plank
The scaffold plank is an essential element in the structure of scaffolding and a stable and solid one will help to rein-force the whole scaffoling system in a good manner.

Then how to use scaffolds correctly? Below comes our professional suggestions:
1. Measure in advance the data including the distance from the scaffold to the wall and the height of the scaffold ladder. 
2. Check the strength, the rigidity and the stablization of the plank to avoid the potential risks.
3. The integrated structure of the scaffold shall be in a simple way which is faciled to build, dismantle and remove as well as to be recycled in its usage.
4. Self-supply all the materials as much as you can so that the cost can be largely saved and the selection of the qual-ified material will reduce the chance of the following replacements, which can save you another cost.