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Ten important points for safety step ladders in use

Ten important points for safety step ladders in use
Issue Time:2019-01-17
Scaffolding ladder is the safe ladder, also called safety step ladders, it is widely used in residence buildings, Bridges, overpasses and tunnels, culverts, chimney, water tower, DAMS, and the scaffolding and other engineering construction. There are many things need to care about step ladder in use and these considerations are also crucial. Grasp some knowledge in detail, this is a kind of safety consciousness, little things start from the side. Safety first, so we must know the points about safety step ladders in use. Below are the 10 important points for safety step ladders in use:

1, Before use scaffold ladder each time, you must check step ladder’s surface, accessories and the rope is damaged or not carefully.

2, You should choose hard and smooth surface when using scaffodling ladder to prevent danger.

3, Check whether all ladder feet are in good connection with the ground or not to prevent slippage.

4, If the scaffolding ladder is more than 5 m, please be sure to set up the F8 rope at least above the step ladders.

5, Using scaffolds ladder is strictly prohibited when you are giddy, drunk or discomfortable.

6, When you work near the door or window, you must make sure that the door or window is fixed, so it can avoid hitting the scaffolding ladder when someone open or close the door or window.

7, Take more care when using a ladder in windy conditions, I suggest trying not to use.

8, The ladder’s height should be suitable, don’t add anything to the ladder to increase height.

9, In the case of without the permission of the manufacturer, you can not attach other structure to step ladders and using or repairing damaged ladder.

10, When scaffold ladder is moving, it is forbidden to hand the cross arm for avoiding cutting your fingers.