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Safety requirements of aluminum step ladder used in bridge construction

Safety requirements of aluminum step ladder used in bridge construction
Issue Time:2019-01-17
Bridge construction scaffolding ladders, when use step ladder in the construction,there are a lot of places need to pay attention to. After all, human need to stand on its upper part for work and we can't predict the accident. So we teach you that how to improve our safety consciousness. Some requirements about using scaffold ladder in the construction are key, here are some introductions. It's written down by all construction workers, hope it’s useful for you, experience is always better than other people say.

(1) before mount guard, it’s need to make team organization for learning common sense of safe operation and specialized training for all those taking part in the high pier construction like skills member, the builder, and the servers.

(2) drawing up close operational procedures, it is necessary for operating personnel to strictly abide their respective positions and wear safety protective equipments. Before mount guard, you must wear safety rope and safety helmet.

(3) Set the security fence around the construction channels, set up enclosed safety net under the channels, set the ladder at the grass-roots level, it is advantageous for construction personnel work up and down. Assign personnel to check regularly, pavement plate adopt anti-skid measures. Scaffolding planks pressured on steel and tied to become one.

(4) replace work at the grass-roots level, should avoid falling iron thing, etc. When things don't operation, it is necessary to pack in bag, in case of falling objects. Stop throwing stuff down from above.

(5) stop stacking heavy objects on top of the operating channels, and often check the safety of slippery rise rack hanging point location, the hoisting wire rope and the chain; Make sure that the bearing parts is stable, balanced force or not.

(6) lifting work must have full-time security personnel on-site monitoring, handlers is necessary for skilled workers and through the safety training. Site management personnel must make the consistent deployment command.

(7) when template lifting upward, steady stabilization, balance in place, avoid big swings and knock. Template removal should be according to the level, the removed template should be piled up smoothly.

(8) it is necessary to ensure the light at night is light enough, some jobs may not be done at night, such as increasing carriage, lifting heavy components, etc.

(9) in case of strong breeze, the heavy rain, thunder and lightning, snow and inclement weather, should stop the work.