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Chemical composition analysis of coupler scaffolding

Chemical composition analysis of coupler scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-01-15
The chemical composition of scaffolding coupler is very important, so in most cases, the chemical composition is acceptance. Chemical composition also determines the mechanical performance of the scaffolding coupler and the defects occur or not.

For example, if the residual magnesium content in grey iron scaffolding couplers is less than 0.03%, it must be bound to be affected caused by spheroidizing undesirable defect. Chemical composition varies between furnace time, sampling time analysis test results become furnace, the result is also varied by analysis method. Nonferrous alloy coupler scaffolding and special performance requirements of high alloy steel coupler scaffolding, special cast iron and high temperature alloy scaffolding coupler, usually use the chemical composition of casting alloy as one of scaffolding coupler acceptance of technical conditions. To ensure the quality of coupler scaffolding, scaffolding coupler factory should also be in the process of production check and control the chemical composition of alloy.
Chemical analysis of constructional scaffolding coupler, generally can be divided into furnace scaffolding coupler terminal inspection and finished product inspection. Furnace inspection usually adopts thermal analysis, ultrasonic, spectrometry, gas rapid analysis method and corresponding equipment, that can check rapidly the main ingredient in casting alloy liquid, casting alloy sample elements, impurity elements and dissolved gas content in a few minutes.

For example, the thermal analysis method, can branch of casting of the thermal analysis of sample continuous cooling curve, determination of carbon in cast iron and carbon equivalent, silicon content, the assessment of the effect of inoculation and spheroidized iron liquid; Using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, can analyse the chemical composition of the sample, the entire process, from the casting sample to print out the results of the analysis, only a few minutes; In hydrogen meter, the oxygen and nitrogen determination meter, can quickly analyze hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases dissolved in the liquid.