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The characteristic of industrial safety helmet

The characteristic of industrial safety helmet
Issue Time:2019-01-14
The safety helmet protect head from harm that caused by shock and the falling objects. The first protection: the shell absorbs and reduces the strength. The second protection: the buffering of the lining.

This Safety Helmet has the advanced single reinforcement design,high intensity, puncture & aging- resistant, fashionable; Multiple liners makes a safer, cozier wear. Suiting for construction, railway, petroleum, electric power, chemical engineering, etc. have the required adjustments made which helps the workers to have their heads fitted inside very well and they can have their safety assured. There are various testing done on the helmets like the electrical and conductivity tests while the other safety tests and only then are they marketed in the world.
The workers should see to it that they have got the correct and perfect piece of helmet else the orders of replacements are most welcome as well. The flaking or chalking of the inner layers and the crack on the helmets are not safe at all and they should be replaced well in time to avoid accidents due to such manufacturing and transportation defects.