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Knowledge Before Buying Aluminum Rectangle Tube

Knowledge Before Buying Aluminum Rectangle Tube
Issue Time:2019-01-10
Aluminum rectangle tube has a wide application. Basically, we can find their uses in building-frames, structures, fencing, trucks and truck-beds, trailers, railings, ornamental or decorative work for both interiors and exteriors, stair-railings, etc.

These rectangular or box tubes are easier to ship and store. They are excellent structures to work with as they are very convenient to saw, bend, weld or drill. They are also very easy to machine and attach special fixtures or features to. Painting and polishing or powder coating are also convenient as they are very stable forms and do not roll about.

Aluminum rectangle tube also lend themselves to slotted or perforated configurations for display racks and shelves. In the manufacture of pre-fab houses, bus and automobile structures, pillars and gates, these rectangular tubes are very convenient to install.

In addition to the above, different manufacturers may provide customized solutions for specific needs. Materials like wood or corrugated cardboard are also required in certain purposes.

Rectangular pipes can be joined by welding or by using different types of coupling or groove joints. They can also be joined by nut-and-bolt combinations, based on the type of support they are being used to provide. They may be used as supports in multiple directions and have to conform to different geometrical configurations, depending on the design and architecture of the structure. Their shape also allows them to be used in exposed designs where they can be joined with L-beams and slotted angles.