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Column formwork systems for your construction

Column formwork systems for your construction
Issue Time:2019-01-09
Generally, column formwork systems are frameworks or construction piece that shape the building. For a safety construction, materials being used must be able to produce a strong, stale and durable structure. Column formwork systems available are normally modular in nature and allow fast installation and erection on site while cut labour and time. The forms, made of steel sometimes with a timber form-face lineer, can be adjusted on site in accordance with different column sizes. They have various internal surfaces according to the concrete finish required.            
For systems with disposable formwork, working platform should be erected separately to allow safe access to the top of the column forms.
For which need to work only from one side,column formwork systems are available. This could be a vital safety to consider for columns that located at building edges and corners.

Simple install process allowing site operatives to get familiar with safety aspects.