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Basic information of TIANDI frame scaffolding system

Basic information of TIANDI frame scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-01-07
Using Co2 shielding gas technology, the galvanized frame scaffolding system has a long service life with a perfect anti-corrosion & rust performance. As TIANDI ' s independent research products, it takes safety 、quality and cost into consideration. Its user-friendly design also brings a breeze of fast and clean to construction work.
There are frame scaffolding system ' s advantages:
1. Low-cost and Safe
2. Diagonal braces-style cross brace design with high stiffness and excellent bearing capacity.
3. Using advanced CO2 shielding gas for
Corrosion and oxidation resistance.
4. Universal wheel - user-friendly design, easy for removal.
5. φ36 scaffolding joint pin exert an equal pressure.
6. Surface galvanized plug-pin makes a firm connection between scaffolding joint pin and main frame.
7. Light-weight and versatile