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What are the requirements for making design fastener scaffolding?

What are the requirements for making design fastener scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-01-03
With the development of the domestic economy, the market prospects of scaffolding have become more and more clear. The fastener scaffolding has never been surpassed because of its unique advantages, and it has not been surpassed in the future.

The fastener scaffold has a large bearing capacity, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and is flexible to set up because its length of steel pipe can be adjusted, and the connection between the fasteners is relatively simple, so it can be adapted to various flat or facade buildings. Scaffolding. Secondly, it is relatively simple to process, the investment cost is low, and the use of materials can achieve good results, so it is a relatively economical type of buckle scaffolding.

So the fastener scaffold has so many advantages, what are the requirements in the production design?

Regardless of which type of scaffolding is to be built, the materials used for the fastener scaffolding and the quality after processing must meet the specified requirements. It is forbidden to use all unqualified materials to make fenced scaffolding to prevent dangerous accidents.

The general scaffolding must be constructed according to the safety technical specifications of the scaffolding. After the construction team receives the task, it must conduct the discussion of the erection method. The experienced technical personnel are responsible for the guidance and supervision.