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The basic requirements of moving the mold frame

The basic requirements of moving the mold frame
Issue Time:2018-07-11
1. Movable mold frame bridge machine bottom mold should be set pre-camber. Influence of Pre - camber Accumulation on Elastic Deformation of Girder Erecting Machine under Load. This elastic deformation should be based on the actual concrete weight (bulk density) calculated and combined with the experimental data obtained correction.

2. Beam concrete should be pumped concrete continuous pouring, and in the initial setting time to complete a pouring.

3. The inspection of raw materials, steel processing and erection, making holes, pre-stressed tendon production, vacuum-assisted grouting, demolition and other requirements should be consistent with the "Passenger Dedicated Railway Bridge and culvert. Engineering construction technology guide "the relevant provisions.

4. Whether the anti-camber is consistent with the design, not due to the bridge of the main beam of the bridge beam on the concrete beam on the flange of the super-tensile stress, if necessary, should be combined with the prestressed tension level down the bottom mold elevation.

The main factors that affect the deflection of the cantilever beam are concrete bulk density, elastic modulus, shrinkage and creep, sunshine and temperature change, prestressed size, structural system conversion, construction load and pier deformation.