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Construction specifications of allround scaffolding

Construction specifications of allround scaffolding
Issue Time:2018-06-07
Allround scaffolding is widely used, some basic principles of construction is a must. Every link of the construction is very important, involving personal safety, so we should always be vigilant, pay attention to each link.

1, in the early stage, the special construction scheme of the support system should be designed to ensure its overall stability and anti overturning.

2, Allround scaffolding installation foundation must tamp and take concrete measures.

The elevation range of 3, allround scaffolding beam plate should use the same height, the height and span of a single component support frame is used for larger tensile bar and a vertical rod axial pressure (critical force) checking, ensure the stability and safety of the body frame.

4, after the erection of frame erection, should be equipped with enough scissors to support.