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Development Prospect of Attached Lifting Scaffolding Climbing Frame

Development Prospect of Attached Lifting Scaffolding Climbing Frame
Issue Time:2018-03-22
The external scaffolding in the construction of high-rise buildings is an indispensable temporary facility for completing high-rise operations and high-rise border protection. Attaching lifting scaffolds for short-term scaffolding is a major technological innovation for the construction of external scaffolding of high-rise buildings in recent years. With a revolutionary leap in construction of scaffolds for super high-rise buildings, the Ministry of Construction has listed it as one of the ten new technologies for promotion and application in 1998. It covers technical fields such as scaffolding, steel structure, machinery, electrical and automatic control. A comprehensive and complex construction equipment and patented technology. Because this type of scaffolding solves the problem that the floor-standing scaffolding cannot be used very high, the scaffolding and the rack cannot be lifted by themselves, the basket cannot be used for the construction of the structure, and it has a good adaptability to the construction of the high-rise and super-high-rise buildings and the economy. As a result, since the advent of the mid-1980s, attached lifting scaffolding has gained rapid popularity in the construction of high-rise and high-rise buildings.

Adhesive lifting scaffolds have the following advantages:
(1) High erection efficiency and multiple use at one time;
(2) It is safe and reliable, it can be raised and lowered, and it can be operated flexibly. It can be erected at a low place and removed at a low place.
(3) Low capital investment, high repetition rate, and more economical buildings with more layers;
(4) The work at high altitude is well closed and protected, which is conducive to civilized construction.