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[Common sense] Coupling Scaffolding and Wheel Scaffolding, Don't Confuse Later

[Common sense] Coupling Scaffolding and Wheel Scaffolding, Don't Confuse Later
Issue Time:2018-03-15
I searched in the influential academic platform “Baidu Library” and found that there are also many phenomena of Zhang Guan and Li Dai. Baidu’s library often has article titles that describe the deduction, but it can be said in the article that it is a deduction. Unnecessary misunderstandings, even misleading.
Taking into account the existence of these conditions, it feels necessary to rectify the name of the buckle and wheel buckle.
1, concept
Buckle scaffolding
According to the concept described in "Safety Technical Regulations for Building Construction Socket-Type Push-On Type Steel Pipe Bracket" (JGJ 231-2010):
Socket-type button-type scaffolding: The pole adopts sleeve socket connection, the horizontal rod and the diagonal rod adopt the rod end buckle connector to snap into the connecting plate, and are connected with the wedge-shaped plug to form the steel pipe bracket of structurally invariable system. The socket-type steel plate bracket is composed of vertical poles, horizontal poles, diagonal poles, adjustable bases and adjustable brackets. According to their use can be divided into two types of template brackets and scaffolding.
Wheel Scaffolding
According to the concept expressed in Shandong Province's "Technical Code for Safety of Building Construction Straight-in Panel Pin Type Brackets" (DB37/5008-2014):
Straight disk type template bracket: pole adopts sleeve socket connection, horizontal rod adopts rod end welding wedge straight plug to insert pole connection plate, horizontal pole and vertical scissors stay adopt fastener type steel pipe and vertical pole or horizontal pole Fixed, formed template bracket
2, The main difference
Buckle scaffolding
Connection plate: Octagonal or circular orifice (8 holes) with 8 directions
Whether it comes with a slant: comes with a slant
Uses: Can be used as template inner support and double row outer scaffold
Construction efficiency: soon
Wheel Scaffolding
Connection plate: Circular orifice plate (4 holes) that can be connected to 4 horizontal pins
Whether it is equipped with a slant: no slant is provided and it needs to be fastened with a fastener-type steel pipe and a horizontal or vertical pole.
Uses: Can only be used for internal support, not for external scaffolding
Construction efficiency: extremely fast
3.Practical application
Disc buckle scaffold practical application.
Practical application of wheel buckle scaffold.