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Do not know how to use the wheel scaffolding construction technology, you can look at this, the package will!

Do not know how to use the wheel scaffolding construction technology, you can look at this, the package will!
Issue Time:2018-03-15
First, the construction characteristics of the wheel scaffolding scaffolding
1. The structure design of the wheel-type bracket is ingenious and has good mechanical properties;
2. Safe and reliable, no moving parts, convenient management, transportation and storage, long service life;
3, component standardization, modularization, erection and removal quick and easy;
4, easy to use, can increase construction efficiency and reduce labor intensity
5. The short steel pipe that is discarded can be processed on its own, turned waste into treasure, saves materials, and meets the requirements of green construction.
Second, the wheel scaffolding construction operating conditions
1. Determine the length (model) of poles and crossbars according to the structural form, height, etc. of the project, and purchase or rent enough erection materials according to the requirements for material turnover.
2. There are a sufficient number of ordinary steel pipes and fasteners on site to prepare for erecting scissors and other components.
3, the support surface should have sufficient strength, and a good contact with the pole, in order to facilitate the transfer of force.
4, floor line has been completed.
5, pole erection position has been calibrated.
6, has been doing a good job of supporting the construction of the formwork and after the review, approval of the adoption, and workers have targeted technical disclosure.

Third, the construction of wheel scaffolding scaffolding
The wheel type scaffold is a supporting system composed of a steel pipe pole with a wheel, a steepipe with a plug, and an adjustable jack. The erection process is basically the same as the fastener-type scaffolding, except that the uprights and the crossbars are fixed, and the link between the uprights and the crossbars is also less fixed by the movable fasteners.
1, process flow
2. Putting materials into play
According to the structure of the project and the height of the building, it is required to customize or lease the poles and crossbars of the corresponding length (model). There are two factors to consider when choosing a product: Applicability and Turnover. There are three types of poles: LG-240 (2.4m long), LG-180 (1.8m long), and LG-120 (1.2m long). There are five types of crossbars: HG-30 (0.3m long), HG-60 (0.6m long), HG-90 (0.9m long), and HG-120 (1.2m long). The long cross bar is generally selected from LG-240, depending on the height of the floor, other models can be selected. The short cross bar is generally selected HG-90 and HG-120.
3, positioning line
After the floor concrete has reached the completion strength of 1.2Mpa or more, if the pole is erected on the foundation after the foundation treatment reaches a certain strength, the control line is drawn according to the axis dimension of the construction drawing, the control network is established, and the elevation control line is measured, according to the already measured The control line determines the position of the beam and marks the erection position of the pole.
4, laying wood or laying base
In order to enlarge the bearing area of ​​the bearing surface at the bottom of the pole and ensure that the bearing surface of the pole is subjected to uniform force, it is necessary to lay down the studs and place the base at the bottom of the pole.
5, set up a rod, crossbar
The components of the wheel scaffold are shorter, and generally one person can set up the pole and the crossbar. When erecting the pole, first place the pole on the pre-placed mat, insert the plug of the pole into the pole wheel of the pole, and insert the other end into the wheel of the other pole. The length of the pole is directly inserted into the Φ58mm × 4mm × 200mm bushing welded at the end of the pole, ensuring the connection between the upper and lower poles and effective stress transmission.
6, set the scissors support
After the erection of the uprights and crossbars as required, a vertical scissor support should be set up on the four sides of the support frame and at the middle of the frame. The vertical support should be set from bottom to top. For the template supports above 4m, a horizontal bracing is set at both ends of the template support and every fourth row of poles starts from the top floor and every two steps. Four corners hold diagonal braces. Facade Scissors As usual.
7, connection, reinforcement board bottom frame body
After the formwork frame has been erected to form a stable force receiving body, the board bottom frame body will be set up. The connection between the bottom frame body and the upright pole adopts the form of an adjustable top bracket.
8, laying the top bamboo plywood
When the sub keel (gimmick) and the main keel (double steel pipe) under the slab are installed according to the elevation contro