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Why is the disk buckle scaffold so highly praised by users?

Why is the disk buckle scaffold so highly praised by users?
Update Time:2018-03-15
Why is the disk buckle scaffold so highly praised by users? Why are bamboo, wooden scaffolding and single-row fastener-type steel scaffolds constantly being banned from use? I believe we all know that many safety accidents are not just problems with construction schemes, problems with non-standard scaffolding structures, etc. It is the quality of many scaffolds, but the quality of these three types of scaffolds is problematic. Therefore, the safety factor used will be even lower, causing great harm to construction workers and construction companies.

In recent years, there have been new scaffolding launches, so the traditional scaffolding will be strongly banned by the state. Some large-scale construction projects will be forced by the state to use new scaffolding.

Disc buckle scaffolding is currently well promoted. According to the current inventory of scaffolding scaffolding, the future scaffolding scaffolding will certainly occupy the scaffolding market. Many construction projects use panel buckle scaffolding in domestic and foreign markets. Disc buckle scaffolding already has a group of loyal customers.

Here we take a look at the advantages of button scaffolding!

1, high efficiency

The construction of plate-type scaffolding can be quickly built even by one person and one hammer, which greatly saves the cost and time of human labor.

2, build a more neat

The erection of scaffolding scaffolding has been removed from the previous "dirty" and has been more beautiful and neat.

3, construction is guaranteed

The bearing capacity and strength of the truss scaffolding are greatly increased. Each node is equipped with a diagonal tie rod, which makes construction safer.

4, long service life

The disk buckle scaffold has a service life of more than 15 years, and its manufacturing cost is lower. It adopts a hot-dip galvanizing process and is waterproof, fireproof and rust-proof.

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