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What are the performance characteristics of fastener products?

What are the performance characteristics of fastener products?
Update Time:2018-03-15

Fasteners are intermediate connecting parts for connecting rails and sleepers. Its function is to fix the rail on the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving longitudinally and laterally relative to the sleeper. In the concrete sleeper track, due to the poor elasticity of the concrete sleepers, the fasteners must also provide sufficient elasticity. For this reason, the fastener must have sufficient strength, durability, and certain elasticity, and effectively maintain a reliable connection between the rail and the sleeper. In addition, the fastener system is also required to have fewer parts, and the installation is simple and easy to disassemble. Wuhan Fastener Company will give you a detailed introduction to the performance characteristics of fastener products.

Anti-off - All steel cold-pressed structure is advanced, the whole steel plate is cold-pressed to form, the strength and toughness surpass the national standard and the international standard, completely eliminates the accident risk that the cast iron old fastener collapses due to the broken fastener.

Anti-sliding - large area

It ensures that the steel pipe and the fastener are in the state of surface fitting and the area of ​​the fitting is the largest, which overcomes the point or line fit of the old fastener and the steel pipe, eliminates the hidden danger of the steel pipe slipping off, thereby ensuring and improving the overall mechanical performance of the scaffold. Safety performance.

Anti-strength - new connection

This ensures that the fastener can always be fixed vertically and securely in case of steel pipe shifting, eliminating the possibility of the steel pipe slipping off.

Rust resistance - passivation

The whole piece is passivated and galvanized with double anti-corrosion treatment, its anti-rust ability is greatly improved, and the service life far exceeds the old fastener.

Fast and lightweight - structural optimization

Fast and beautiful fasteners, faster loading and unloading, reduced labor intensity.

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